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My name is Ian. I have witnessed first hand the abuse given out to an elderly man who had Alzheimer's. That man was my father. He remarried again at 70 into a family whom he should have been able to trust. What he got was a family of misfits, criminals and benefit thieves who used my fathers generosity and mental state to gain even more for themselves. He was, in my opinion, "groomed for abuse". He wasn't wealthy but he had money in the bank, a nice house and a car etc. He was comfortable and a prime target for elder abuse in his own home.

I set up a website in his honour, that site has now closed and has been replaced by this site as it became clear elder abuse is becoming more common. The painful experience has given me an insight into elderly abuse in the home by family members. I have experiences and stories involving health teams, lawyers and police and family members.

This site is maintained and updated by me in my spare time. I regret I can no longer get involved with individual cases.

Site publications available online:
Elderly - Stay safe online.
Elderly - Signs and definitions of abuse.

John Johnny Bourn

It became clear that my Fathers website was visited by lots of people from all over the world. When the site originally launched there was little to no information available for anyone who had concerns over an elderly person and the poor treatment they received at the hands of their own family. There are now more places to get information, but the first incarnation of this site was one of the first. Elder abuse is still very much a taboo subject, as was child abuse up until very recently.

This site is not directly affiliated to any group or charity and is maintained by me in my own time. It is free to sign up for newsletters and the discussion forums. If this site as my previous one can help just one person to save an elderly person from abuse, or help rescue an elderly person, then it will achieve its aim and mine.

This site is a dedication to my father and to the elderly who have suffered abuse at the hands of those who they should have been able to trust.

Facebook - Stop elder abuse

I hope this site provides information and support. Whilst I cannot answer every email or question the forums or my Facebook campaign pages will help. Within the community or society at large, the elderly are all too often subject to mistreatment by their own family, unscrupulous business people or other criminals. This site has links to other sites, discussion forums, downloads and videos.

If you think someone you know is a victim of elder mistreatment, you can ask for help and advice from a number of resources:

  • - Your family doctor or another knowledgeable health professional
  • - Social workers, psychologists, or psychiatrists in your community
  • - Your local Adult Protective Services (can provide relevant information and often direct assistance)
  • - Action on Elder Abuse - UK based charity:
Stop elder abuse - feedback

  • - "Thank God I found this site".
  • - "You have made me realise I am not the only one facing this".
  • - "You helped me save my Mom".
  • - "You are an advocate in the fight against Elder Abuse".
  • - "Your Dad would have been very proud".
  • - "I think of your fight for your Dad & it motivates me! I don't feel like I am alone".

Some of the feedback I have received posted above. It means a lot when I hear back from people - it just makes it all worthwhile - so thanks must go to you!

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