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    Online book published: Elderly - Stay Safe Online.

    Posted by Admin on 16 February 2015 | Category: Information "stay safe online".

    Stay Safe Online

    Though many elderly are cutting edge users of Internet services, some are beginners when it comes to computer technology. Just spending more time online will help you feel more comfortable with the ins and outs of navigating online and interacting on Web sites. Once familiarised with the tricks scammers and some less reputable companies use, you can simply avoid them.

    This booklet has a section on email security and internet browsing for a vulnerable elderly person trying to find help if they are being abused whilst not being detected by an abuser. There is a social media section with advices on instant messaging, quizzes, Facebook and more. There is a section also for online dating with advice on how to stay as safe as possible. Read it here.

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    Elderly: Care home abuse - two abusers.

    Posted by Admin on 21 September 2015 | Category: Care and Elder Abuse.

    elder abuse in care homes.

    The care home bullies: Sickening abuse of 68-year-old Alzheimer's sufferer exposed after her daughter set up a hidden camera in bedside alarm clock.

    Shocking hidden camera footage taken at a care home shows an Alzheimer's sufferer being assaulted, threatened and mocked by staff. The clip shows Bridget McDonald, who suffers from Korsakoff's syndrome, being labelled a 'tramp', 'hopeless' and 'such a baby' by one carer at The Ridings home in Birmingham.
    Another carer can be heard threatening the 68-year-old, telling her: 'Next time I call you, don't f****** ignore me.'

    Adam Hunt, 25 and Rachel Pritchard are pictured. Catch up on this story here.

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    Elderly being robbed. Meet two thieves.

    Posted by Admin on 18 September 2015 | Category: Financial Elder Abuse.

    elder abuse on the rise.

    Elderly being robbed of millions each year by their own families, says new research. Meet two recently caught criminals, Brian Matthews given a two-year suspended sentence and Katie Gosley-Shaw was jailed for four years

    Elderly people are robbed of cash and assets worth more than £78m each year, and in most cases the culprits are members of their own family, according to new research by Action on Elder Abuse (AEA).

    The money is obtained through theft, threats or trickery, and the scale of the problem warrants the creation of a new crime of “elder abuse”, campaigners say. Catch up on this story here.

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    Meet: Merok Park owners The Cooppens.

    Posted by Admin on 13 February 2015 | Category: Care Abuse of the Elderly.

    Owners: Grantley Court and Merok Park Soondressen Cooppen and his wife Maleenee

    The full horror suffered by dementia patients at a scandal-hit care home has been revealed. Elderly residents at Merok Park in Banstead, Surrey, were starved by callous staff and ignored when they were in distress, while conditions were so filthy that inspectors found mould growing on the walls and an ‘overpowering’ stench of urine.

    Many patients were manhandled by staff and their screams were heard by people in houses nearby, who feared the elderly residents were being tortured and called the police. The shocking findings were reported by the Care Quality Commission yesterday after the Daily Mail campaigned for authorities to come clean about abuse at the home.

    Owners: Grantley Court and Merok Park were both owned by Soondressen Cooppen and his wife Maleenee, pictured

    "This is place is going to kill me". Shameful report reveals patients were left sleeping on floors, dropped by staff and force-fed meals. Catch up on this heartbreaking story here.

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    Read: CQC report - Merok Park.

    Posted by Admin on 20 February 2015 | Category: Care Abuse of the Elderly.

    merok park

    Inspectors found inadequate staffing levels, poor emergency planning, little or no staff training, and filthy conditions inside the home.

    Bathrooms had no hot water, broken taps and stained toilets. Curtains in rooms were broken or missing completely, and seven out of 15 rooms inspected had no call bells for residents.

    Due to a lack of staff, some carers were found working 66 hour weeks. One member of staff was working 12 hour days for seven days straight to fill gaps in the rota.

    Despite the care home owner listing themselves as a second nurse on the rota, staff said they rarely saw him in the home, and at one point there was one nurse left to care for 26 people. Merok Park and Grantley Court are owned by millionaire Mauritian businessman Soondressen Cooppen and his wife Maleenee. They live in a £2.5million home in South-West London. Asked to comment last month, Mrs Cooppen said: ‘We are not interested.’ Full story here.

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    Meet the scammers: Lisa Bell and Wendy Bell

    Posted by Admin on 14 February 2015 | Category: Financial Abuse of the Elderly.

    Richard Lowery - a thief

    Carers who scammed a 91-year-old Parkinson's sufferer out of more than £500,000 with the help of a porn star are locked up.

    Two carers who scammed a 91-year-old Parkinson's sufferer out of more than £500,000 with the help of a porn star have been jailed for almost seven years in total.

    Pictured: Lisa Bell (left) and her mother Wendy (right) were found guilty of conspiracy to defraud at the trial. Wendy Bell was today jailed for three years and six months. 'Today's outcome should send a very clear message to those who seek to take advantage of the elderly and vulnerable. Justice will be done and you will be made to face the consequences of your actions.' Full story here.

They are afraid to speak out because they feel vulnerable.