A collection of images for posters and campaigns created by me.

  • Stop Elder Abuse - fish / predator
  • Stop Elder Abuse - fish  protected
  • Stop Elder Abuse - fur - elder Facebook
  • Stop Elder Abuse - world abuse awareness

Selection of images created

Role: Logo Design | Brand Identity | Awareness

In my view a relevant, smart image is a great way to increase awareness. I believe that I need to come at it from the aspect of helping visitors convince themselves to read more, and stick in the memory. It would be easy to find shocking images to use, and is not a trait I am going to start here.

People process information very quickly and make a lot of decisions based on first glances, because we just donít have time to look into every bit of material that comes our way very deeply. In some of my work here: messages are short, logo's reflect trends and give food for thought. Many of these images have made their way around the world. Success? I hope so and I hope the message is clear whereever the images are posted.

A major problem exists and far too few people are getting help.